Texoma Health Foundation (THF) Community Grants to Non-Profits

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We work to connect all types of donors and funds with our area’s most pressing health needs. By providing non-profits community grants to continue their work, we make a difference in the lives of people across our four counties.
Detailed Services

Eligibility form- Verifies the eligibility of non-profits before they apply for our full grant application. This saves the non-profit valuable time and effort by letting them know if our goals align with theirs.
Full Application Form- Our full grant application cycle opens up once per year for about a three month period. It is followed by a review period during which proposals are reviewed based on their benefits to the community. This stage consists of both independent and group review to ensure fairness. Once this stage is completed applicants are notified if they have or have not been selected for funding.
You can learn more and access our application process by clicking on THF Non-Profit Grant Application Process below.

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