Region 10 Education Service Center

Summary of Services Provided
Region 10 Education Service Center was established by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to provide a wide range of support services to school districts and educators within their respective regions.
Detailed Services

Some of the common services provided by regional education service centers like Region 10 ESC include:

Professional Development: Offering training, workshops, and resources to help educators improve their teaching skills and stay updated on best practices.

Curriculum and Instructional Support: Providing assistance with curriculum development, instructional strategies, and resources to help school districts improve student learning outcomes.

Special Education Services: Offering support for students with disabilities and ensuring that special education programs are implemented effectively.

Technology Integration: Assisting schools with the integration of technology into the classroom and providing technical support.

Administrative Support: Offering resources and guidance to school district administrators on matters such as school finance, legal compliance, and leadership development.

Data and Assessment Support: Assisting school districts in collecting, analyzing, and using data to make informed decisions about education policies and practices.

Networking and Collaboration: Facilitating collaboration and networking opportunities among educators, school districts, and other stakeholders.

Street Address
400 East Spring Valley Road
Who Qualifies for Service?
Local Education Agencies
How to Access Service
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