Crisis Control Center

Summary of Services Provided
We offer services and shelter for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking.
Detailed Services

SHELTER/FOOD & CLOTHING -Our shelter is a safe
place where survivors & their children may stay
while making decisions about the future. It provides a
home-like atmosphere with caring people to offer
CRISIS INTERVENTION -Assisting survivors of
domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking,
providing resources, and empowering survivors to
be engaged participants and leaders of their lives.
HOSPITAL ADVOCACY -Providing support
during emergency room examinations.
RAPE RESPONSE -Intervention and support at the
hospital and law enforcement office. Follow up
support and court support.
ADVOCACY -Assistance with filing for protective
orders, filling out applications for housing, government
assistance, schools, and jobs. Advocates are able to
escort to court.
COUNSELING FOR WOMEN- Group and individual
counseling to assist the survivors in acquiring the
information and skill necessary to take control of
their lives.
COUNSELING FOR YOUTH -Youth counseling for
children who have witnessed violence or who are
survivors themselves.
service agencies that provide assistance and support to
abused women and children such as medical, legal,
financial, employment, and housing.

Listing Category
Street Address
Crisis Control Center
115 N. 12th, Suite C.
Durant, OK 74701
Who Qualifies for Service?
Anyone that is a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking.
How to Access Service
We have a 24-hour domestic violence and sexual assault hotline 580-924-3030.
Payment Forms Accepted
No Payment Required
Volunteer to Help Us
You can support this non-profit organization through tax deductible donations or in-kind gift, such as food linen towels toys personal items miscellaneous emergency items You can encourage your church or civic group to donate time, money or materials to the Crisis Center. Constant upkeep and operational needs require help from the community. You can invite a Crisis Center speaker to your church, civic group, school or other community agency for an educational presentation concerning domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking. You can become a volunteer. You can help a victim by referring them to the Crisis Center.

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